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Cocktail Item List

Cocktail items must be ordered in groupings of 15 pieces per item.

Veggie Options

This little baby went to market   [GF] [V]                   $3.00

Vegetarian Spring Rolls   [GF]                                        $3.00

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes   [GF] [V]                            $3.25

Toasted Pecan and Blue Cheese Truffles   [GF]        $3.50

Exotic French Baguette Toasted Crostini’s                $3.50

Mini Veggie Burger                                                            $3.50

Guacamole and taro root chips   [GF] [V]                   $4.00

Seafood Options

Norwegian Salmon Bites   [GF]                                      $3.25

Homemade crisps with creamy dip & caviar [GF]    $3.50

Chili Shrimp Cocktail   [GF]                                              $3.50

Smoked Salmon, Pea Shoot chop stick roll   [GF]    $3.50

Coconut Lollipop Shrimp                                                 $3.75
Shrimp & Mango Quesadillas                                         $4.00

Barbeque Salmon Sandwiches                                      $4.00

Spicy kaffir mini Salmon burgers                                  $4.00

Crusted Cod and Zucchini Chips                                    $4.00

Grilled Jumbo prawns   [GF]                                           $7.00

Meat & Poultry Options

Cocktail Date   [GF]                                           $3.00

Boo Boo Burgers                                                $3.50

Thai Inspired Grilled Chicken Satay [GF]     $3.50

Mini Brioche Buns with Turkey                      $3.75

Turkey & Brie Mini Phyllo Pastry                   $4.00

Yam and AAA sirloin   [GF]                              $4.00

Stuffed Snow Cones   [GF]                              $4.25

California Style Mini Pizza Supremes           $4.25

Boneless Chicken Drumsticks   [GF]             $4.50

Lollipop New Zealand Lamb Chops   [GF]  $6.00

[GF] - Gluten Free
[V]   - Vegan Options available