We Cater To You is a family owned and operated business providing catering services to the Greater Toronto Area.  It began with little financial resources, a lot of “sweat” equity, personal sacrifice, continued perseverance, and lots of love.  The business has grown over the last 11 years to be known by many as one of Toronto’s top caterers. 

We Cater To You was established in July 2002 by Cindy MacDougall with her love for food and passion for entertaining.  Her husband Kevin came on board in 2005 after the business grew from Cindy’s uncompromising food quality and attention to detail.  As hands-on owners, Cindy and Kevin along with the rest of their team are committed to supporting the growth of the company through three key characteristics implemented by Cindy, reliability, consistency, and product quality.

In January 2008 Cindy added Merci Mon Ami Bistro to the corporation.  Merci Mon Ami offers fresh lunch fare for the corporate crowds and is available evenings and weekends for private bookings.

We Cater To You has a membership at the Toronto Food Terminal and often deals directly with the farmer to purchase all of the produce.  The poultry is free range, air chilled, hormone free, and is from Ontario.  The beef is also from Ontario and it is regulated to ensure the highest quality of animal health and safety.  We Cater To You strives to work with companies that are concerned with the standards in processing and corporate responsibility for their products.

We Cater To You has a goal to continue its path of natural growth by word of mouth and referrals. These goals are only met by providing a reliable, consistent, and high quality product.  The recipes created by Cindy are like an old family recipe, you can tweak it, you can jazz it up to make it current, but at the end of the day the original recipe is the one that stands the test of time.  We Cater to You will continue to make familiar food with exceptional flavours.  This has always been its recipe to success.

Merci Mon Ami!

171 East Liberty Street, No. 107, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3P6 Phone: 647-436-3831 Email: info@wecatertoyou.ca